True luxury by Nature

Luxury is time treating you like a friend; years off your face, and on to something great, every day. Health, grace, energy, love. Glow Era skincare cosmetic products are advanced formulas with natural composition offering multiple action so as to turn time into your ally. Immerse into a regenerative experience. Welcome to a new era of clean beauty!

The most valuable nutrients from nature to enjoy your most beautiful self, every day!

From the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, Sappho of Lesvos, Zosimus the Alchemist and the great Galen of Pergamon, we inherited the principles for the healing and cosmetic power of nature.

Following their values, we use only natural raw materials which are harmless to human and all living organisms: organic Aloe Vera, snail secretion, clay, bee products, natural polysaccharides, proteins, natural essential oils.

We have focused our research and our passion on the miraculous gifts of cure and beauty offered by the Aloe Vera plant and the snail. Today, we are proud to present two complete cosmetic lines which have multiple action and are filled with clean, natural energy.


Immerse into a regenerative experience. Welcome to a new era of clean beauty!

The unique compositions of each line are formulated with valuable ingredients which derive their miraculous power from nature. They have been selected based on their nourishment properties and ability to activate skin’s natural processes, to restore biological balance and improve skin’s texture, structure and luminosity. Glow Era natural cosmetics takes a holistic approach to beauty and combines research studies and deep knowledge of nature with the latest innovations in the field of cosmetology.


A New Glow Era

Glow Era has been active in the field of natural cosmetics since 2019. It is a newly founded company and its mission is to offer modern cosmetic products with advanced formulas containing natural raw materials, to every woman who loves luxury and chooses clean beauty and skin care with visible results. All Glow Era products are made with absolute respect for the environment and the animals.

Our mission

To create luxurious natural cosmetics with exclusive skincare formulas that suit the life of the modern woman, using potent natural ingredients that published research studies have proven to be effective and beneficial.



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