Recover the strength and freshness of your skin.

Your skin energy is maximized. Your facial expression recovers its shape and firmness. Your complexion radiates! In this Glow Era cosmetics line, the invaluable snail slime molecules comprising the advanced cosmetic formulas, are extracted, keeping their biological power intact

Enjoy the vital energy of nature

From the time of Hippocrates onwards, the biological fluid secreted by the snail was known for its healing properties. Modern scientific research confirms that it is a treasure indeed. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties help the skin regenerate. Rich in proteins, peptides and glycoconjugates, which stimulate skin growth factors, it works against premature ageing and in favor of immediate skin regeneration. It boosts the production of hyaluronic acid, facilitates the natural process of new elastin synthesis and stimulates circulation, producing more collagen. It repairs or diminishes damage, reduces or eliminates wrinkles, scars and marks, prevents the wear and tear of time, softens dark spots.

Thanks to its advanced formulas, the Glow Era cosmetics line with Snail Secretion enhances even further its effect and highlights it as a luxury beauty secret. See the difference in your mirror!

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