Glow Era Anti-Aging with 4 Stem Cells | Innovation

Experience the rebirth of your beauty with the power of stem cells.  The new Glow Era Stem Cells Revolution treatment line containing four plant stem cells tightens loose skin, lifts cheekbones and restores contours in just a few weeks.

Plant stem cells are a primordial life condensate. They contain all the vitamins, valuable enzymes and nutrients that give birth to life, restore tissues and rejuvenate. Glow Era harnesses this miraculous power of nature through a high-precision process. The result? Three innovative anti-aging care products with a high concentration of regenerating factors.

This is the new era’s anti-aging!

Stem Cells Revolution Total Regenerating Cream
Stem Cells Revolution Total Anti-wrinkle & Firming Eye Cream
Stem Cells Revolution Total Anti-ageing and Lifting Serum

Four stem cells, three formulas. Each Glow Era product containing the four plant stem cells, combines bioactive substances and bioactive ingredients, beneficial organic oils, and extracts of high nutritional value.

The benefits are multiple and noticeable from the first application. The new Glow Era Stem Cells Revolution Line with 4 plant stem cells offers immediate and over time antioxidant shielding to the skin.

Discover the ultimate Glow Era skin regeneration with 4 stem cells and enjoy an invaluable treating experience: toning, rebuilding, protecting, light, every day.
This is anti-aging, today!

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