Welcome to Beauty+Bonus

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Welcome to Beauty+Bonus, the customer loyalty program of Glow Era! We thank you for your trust and reward your preference with privileges and offers that give you flexibility in your purchases, additional discounts and gifts that make even the most special day of your life…exquisite!

Join today and enjoy exclusive benefits!

Tiers & Benefits


The more you take care of your skin with Glow Era products, the closer you get to the next tier and the more benefits you gain. But even if your morning and night beauty routine consist of few products, you will still find many good reasons to be a Beauty+Bonus member!

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This is your starting point for your journey in the luxurious world of Beauty+Bonus. As a Silver member you can enjoy discounts and benefits. In addition, the more Glow Era products you buy, the closer you get to the Gold tier. The new era of glow begins here!

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Things are getting even more interesting in the Gold tier, as you get even more privileges and bigger discounts, while, as you continue your purchases, you are heading to the Glow tier, which is the top of Beauty+Bonus!

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The Glow tier is the highest tier of Beauty+Bonus and that’s why we ensured it’s packed with important privileges. Here you enjoy the highest level of luxury with discounts and flexibility!

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