Sunscreen Glow Era Perfect Sun Protector SPF50 with 4 stem cells ,50ml


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«Finally, a sunscreen with regenerative power!»

Perfect Sun Protector SPF50 by Glow Era powered by four plant stem cells, 50ml

The perfect sunscreen is a miracle of Glow Era anti-aging. Only in the new revolutionary formula Perfect Sun Protector against UV-A and UV-B radiation and photoaging, you will find the power of four plant stem cells, to enjoy high sun protection and at the same time, deep anti-aging.


Glow Era’s Perfect Sun Protector SPF50 sunscreen formula regenerates and shields the skin, under the sky, because it acts in multiple ways against photoaging:


  • It quenches the thirst of skin cells and increases their endurance.
  • attacks molecular aging agents
  • works as an antioxidant and releases the natural forces of collagen production and cell reconstruction, offering immediate tightening and lifting effect
  • shields against UV-A and UV-B radiation and digital aging from IR-A blue light.


Glow Era’s Perfect Sun Protector SPF50 sunscreen is applied twenty minutes before exposure to natural light and in cases of prolonged exposure it needs to be renewed every two hours.

50 ML / 1.7 US FL OZ




  • Argan stem cells
  • Goji Berry Stem Cells
  • Orchid Stem Cells
  • Red Blueberry Stem Cells
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Jasmine flower water
  • Beeswax
  • Oily balm anti-aging Shea butter
  • Free of parabens, silicone, mineral oils, oxybenzone and octinoxat


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The correct application of Glow Era’s Perfect Sun Protector SPF 50 sunscreen formula with four plant stem cells:

  • moisturizes the skin and protects it from UV-A, UV-B and IR-A blue light

  • Overall, it enhances the natural regenerative capacity of cells

  • reduces grain abnormality, discolorations, spots, freckles, fine wrinkles

  • improves elasticity, sculpts contour, soothes texture, restores brightness and vigor

  • It blends perfectly with makeup

  • acts as a strong antioxidants against photoaging

  • prevents skin diseases


  • 20 minutes your skin is perfectly protected against UV-A and UV-B rays

  • 2 weeks of application, the lifting effect of the beginning is enhanced, the face becomes brighter.

  • 2 months of application, the results are visible and lasting, your skin looks healthy and refreshed

6 months of application, the tissues have been reconstructed, the skin looks years younger, while protected from photoaging and sun radiation.



Suitable for all skin types/ phototypes

When: Twenty minutes before exposure to natural light. Repeat every two hours in case of long-term exposure to the sun, even when it is cloudy.

Benefits: Photoprotection. Anti-aging. Tightening. Visible and lasting results



Apply a small amount of sunscreen to the fingers and dab on clean face twenty minutes before exposure to natural light. Repeat every two hours if your skin is exposed in natural light.

When applying make-up, you can improve the reliability of sun protection by waiting for the sunscreen to be fully absorbed before applying make-up.

For external use only.



The production and packaging of all Glow Era products is carried out in a modern cosmetics laboratory, licensed by the National Organization for Medicines, with registered offices at the Thermi Dam, in Thessaloniki. The standard laboratory operates in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. All active ingredients and raw materials used in our products are of natural origin, with high quality specifications and certified suppliers.

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21 reviews for Sunscreen Glow Era Perfect Sun Protector SPF50 with 4 stem cells ,50ml

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Why Glow Era Perfeft Sun Protector?
  • Natural composition

    The core power of Glow Era’s Perfect Sun Protector SPF50 sunscreen formula is four plant stem cells from:

    • the Precious Argan
    • the antioxidant Goji berry
    • the ethereal but strong orchid
    • the red blueberry.


    Enriched with apricot kernel oil  and advanced SPF50 organic filters against UV-A, UV-B radiation, the four plant stem cells of Perfect Sun Protector promise high protection from the sun radiation and simultaneous skin cells’ regeneration, under the sky.


    Free of parabens, silicone, mineral oils, oxybenzone and octinoxate, which cause allergies and irritations, or burden the environment, the sunscreen formula Perfect Sun Prοtector SPF50 has high regenerative value and invigorating action.

  • Texture

    Thanks to its fine, thin creamy texture, Glow Era’s Perfect Sun Protector blends perfectly with makeup and  gives a bright and natural result.  

  • Red blueberries stem cells

    Thanks to red blueberry stem cells, it protects the skin from IR-A blue light, moisturizes and reduces wrinkles and blemishes.

  • Orchid stem cells

    Thanks to orchid stem cells, it improves communication between skin cells and this has an overall rejuvenating effect on elasticity, oval restoration, texture, luminosity and firmness.

  • Goji berry stem cells

    Thanks to goji berry stem cells, it stimulates the natural function of collagen and elastin production, which in turn helps to recover the youthful appearance.

  • Argan stem cells

    Thanks to argan stem cells, it improves the skin’s natural regenerative capacity, thus achieving deep rejuvenation and proven protection of our skin stem cells.  

Beeswax contains more than 300 beneficial components that give it its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Pure beeswax, produced by honey bees, is white. Gradually it becomes more yellow or brown as it incorporates in pollen and propolis from the hive. Pure beeswax and natural essential oils form ancient cosmetic formulas rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and carbohydrates that moisturize and strengthen the skin.

The Shea Butter prevents wrinkles and general signs of aging. It also stimulates collagen formation in the skin. It has anti-inflammatory action, soothes irritations, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Also it has regenerative, antibacterial or healing properties. Finally it offers very good protection from the sun. For all skin types, especially dry.

Its structure resembles the natural sebum of human skin and therefore can penetrate the skin more easily than any other oil. As a highly moisturizing, jojoba oil is ideal for dry and mature skin. Contains myristic acid, which has significant anti-inflammatory activity, but also vitamin E, proteins and minerals. Penetrates through the skin sebum cell. It contains a significant amount of polyphenols. Easily absorbed and can be applied to any type of skin. Activates the metabolism of elastin, helps fight aging, maintains the flexibility and elasticity of the skin.



Bioactive substances
Bioactive ingredients
Beneficial organic oils
Extracts of high nutritional value.

Antimicrobial, antiallergic
Nourishing, refreshing



Mineral oils
Oxybenzone & octinoxate
Toxic ingredients
Anti-ecological ingredients
Paraffin oil
Propylene glycol
Butylene glycol
Phthalate esters
Nitro musks
Polycyclic musks

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